Painter, Roger Kast spent 22 years in Duluth, Minnesota.


The contemporary drawings and paintings seen in the galleries on this “Lake Impressions” site were created in his studio in downtown Duluth.


The impressionistic imagery shows the influence of Lake Superior on his work.


Lake Superior sunrises make up the majority of the pastel drawings.  In addition, there are many other Lake Superior moods and moonrises, for example the “June New Moon” images. Created from 1986 to 1988, none of these works have been exhibited.


The pastels could be categorized as “impressionism”, as they are abstractions of sunrises.

These images usually begin with an acrylic wash as a base.  Soft pastels are used because they have a high portion of pigment in relation to filler and binder.  This results in brighter more saturated colors.


The name “pastel” comes from the Latin pastellus, paste.  In order to create pastels, pigments are ground into a paste with water and a gum binder and then rolled or pressed into sticks.


The images of Lake Superior that you will view in the painting gallery are all acrylic paint on canvas.  All sizes are in inches.